Against firearm-related
violence in Sweden

The conference of many perspectives

Firearm-related violence ruins thousands of lives each year and Sweden has to face this challenge just like everyone else. However, no one can put a stop to violence alone, which is why we need to come together in the search for brave and proactive solutions that benefit everyone.

With this conference, we aim to inspire politicians and government officials to take action against this prevalent issue, as well as give new energy to activists and civil society actors who fight for a safer society.

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Are you an activist or running a smaller initiative/organization about this issue?

We want you to be able to join and contribute to a rich and fruitful conference, regardless of your capacity to pay for the conference tickets. Contact us and tell us why you want to participate, and we will find a solution for you.

Beyond opinion and prejudice

Discussions about firearm-related violence often end up in a stalemate due to differing political ideologies and opinions. We want to look beyond political prestige, and instead prioritize facts, research, collaboration and practical solutions.

Wide range of speakers

Gun violence is a complex problem that overlaps with many other issues. To find the best solution, we invite speakers and participants from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and proffessions.

Focus on dialogue

This conference is made to encourage exchange of ideas and solutions between participants and speakers. After our speakers leave the stage, our participants get to meet them in smaller groups to deepen the conversation and ask questions.

For practical solutions

The purpose of this conference is for us as a society to find proactive and sustainable solutions that benefit everyone and can be implemented in your hometown. The solution could already be out there!

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“Against firearm-related violence in Sweden” is organized by educational company Piku as the first conference in our newly launched concept BraveTalk.

Yi-Wen Chen

In charge of this conference is Yi-Wen Chen who has a bachelor’s degree in peace and conflict studies. She is dedicated to the issue of armed violence and has visited El Salvador to study gang violence and gun-related crime. What she saw there is not something we ever wish to see in Sweden, which is why Yi-Wen has initiated this conference.

For general questions about the conference, please contact:

Yi-Wen Chen

For inquiries about partnership, please contact:

Ingrid Haraldsson
+46 733 53 00 94