Against firearm-
related violence
in Sweden

The conference of many perspectives

BraveTalk by Piku

Firearm-related violence is a serious issue that kills 40-50 people each year in Sweden and which is still getting worse even though it is decreasing in other countries, according to a recent report from the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention. What can Sweden learn from the US, Great Britain, Finland, Denmark, Taiwan, Serbia and Central American countries? The conference Against firearm-related violence in Sweden inspires politicians, decision-makers, civil servants and civil society actors to take action against the issue of gun-related violence.

Against firearm-related violence in Sweden presents Swedish and international research as well as methods, experiences and best practices from both Sweden and other countries around the world. We discuss the many different strategies, how effective they have proven, and whether they would work in Swedish municipalities.

All speakers and participants, thank you for two amazing days!

What is Against firearm-related violence in Sweden?

Meet our project manager and some of our amazing speakers, who introduce themselves and tell us about what they look forward to the most.

Meet local initiatives against violence

We visit three organizations in Malmö that work against criminality and social exclusion and will participate in the break out session on the 4th of November – read more in the program.

Beyond political prestige

Discussions about firearm-related violence often end up in a stalemate due to differing political ideologies and opinions. We want to look beyond political prestige, and instead prioritize facts, research, collaboration and practical solutions.

Wide range of speakers

Gun violence is a complex problem that overlaps with many other issues. To find the best solution, we invite speakers and participants from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and proffessions.

Focus on dialogue

Against firearm-related violence encourages meetings and dialogues through inspiring lectures, interactive seminars and plenty of time for spontaneous connections between participants, speakers and exhibitors/partners.

For practical solutions

The purpose of this conference is for us as a society to find proactive and sustainable solutions that benefit everyone and can be implemented in your hometown. The solution could already be out there!