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Mot väpnat våld

Against firearm-related violence in Sweden

Malmö, 3rd - 4th of November 2021
Our first BraveTalk conference is dedicated to a question of life and death. Firearm-related violence has increased in the past ten years, at the same time as the age of the victims is becoming lower. What can municipalities, NGOs and individuals do about such a complex problem as this? Join us to find answers to these questions.

What is BraveTalk?

A conference can be informative and intriguing – and so much more. It provides a chance to meld various interests together, to spark dialogue, give birth to new ideas, and to bring up the most pressing challenges in our time. However, conferences often stay within the range of comfort and familiarity. Sensitive topics are avoided, ideas never leave the conference halls, and everything goes back to business as usual.

Our will to change this tendency is the “raison d’être” of BraveTalk: a conference concept with the purpose to help us bring pressing challenges in society to light, and dare to discuss sensitive topics.

The founding values of BraveTalk:


We dare to discuss contemporary and future challenges posed to municipalities and society at large – even if these mattera are considered sensitive. That is when we need to talk about them.


We wish to contribute with fresh perspectives and eye-opening stories to our participants, speakers and partners. We present current research and facts as well as real-life examples both in Sweden and internationally.


We aim to motivate politicians and civil servants to live up to their responsibilities in the matters we bring up, as well as give new energy to all those who work to improve and strenghten our society.

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BraveTalk is a recently launched conference concept that is owned and arranged by Piku AB. To get in touch with us you can either click on a specific conference above, or browse Piku’s website to find more details.