BraveTalk by Piku

BraveTalk by Piku

Conferences that make a difference

What is BraveTalk?

BraveTalk is a yearly conference with a different theme each year that highlights the greatest challenges in today’s society and open up a platform where politicians, managers, experts, practitioners, researchers and civil society can meet and hold brave conversations about these issues.

The core values of BraveTalk:


We dare to discuss contemporary and future challenges posed to municipalities and society at large – even if these matters are considered sensitive.


The gathered competence of researchers, decision-makers, international experts and the civil society will spread successful examples and find new solutions through unique meetings.


Development starts when people come together. We need to learn from other countries but also spread the word about successful initiatives within Sweden.

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 To get in touch with us you can either click on a specific conference above, or browse Piku’s website to find more details.