Against firearm-related violence in Sweden gathers politicians, civil servants, civil society actors, NGO representants and other stakeholders from the whole country. It is a great opportunity for companies who want to showcase themselves by becoming a partner or exhibitor.

Our partners against firearm-related violence:

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Brottsofferjouren Sverige (Victim Support Sweden) is a non-profit organization which helps people who have been affected by crime. We represent the views and interests of victims and witnesses to the government and other stakeholders, in order to influence policy and practice.

There are more than 70 local victim support centres around the country. These centres are intended to complement action by the public authorities. All our help is free and available to everyone, whether or not the crime has been reported and regardless of when it happened. We won’t tell anyone what you say to us. Everyone who works for us has given a pledge of confidentiality.

We offer:

  • Emotional support. We listen and talk to you and we won’t tell anyone what you say to us.
  • Practical help. We can help you with paperwork and forms and contacts.
  • Information. We can give information about police report and investigation and legal proceedings
  • Information about and help to apply for crime victim compensation and criminal injuries compensation❞
non-violence project: brains no bullets

Non-violence project is a partner of Against firearm-related violence in Sweden.

❝NVP wants to end violence. We simply believe that violence is bad and peace is good. We believe that you, and everybody else, possess the power to do something great with your life, and to positively affect the lives of others. We inspire, motivate and engage young people through education, to understand how to solve conflicts peacefully.❞

The South Eastern and Eastern Europe Clearinghouse for the Control of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SEESAC) is a joint initiative of Regional Cooperation Council and United Nations Development Program in South East and East Europe, supporting the governments in advancing citizen security though small arms and light weapons control, combatting illicit arms trafficking and promoting gender equality in the security sector. SEESAC facilitates regional cooperation and contributes to a more effective, accountable, and inclusive security sector. Find out more about their work at their website and on social media:

❝Nordic Choice is one of the Nordic region’s largest hotel chains with over 200 unique hotels in the Nordic and Baltic countries. 

For over 25 years, we have challenged the status quo in the hotel industry, and we promise to continue to do so. There are no standard guests and therefore we do not believe in standard hotels.

Don’t miss the discount!
The conference is held at Quality Hotel View which is a member of the Nordic Choice family. Participants on site get a 15% discounted stay by e-mailing or calling +46 40-374100 and providing “Bravetalk” as reference.

❝Watches have, for a long time, been associated with status and tradition. At TRIWA, an acronym for Transforming the Industry of Watches, we want to use the symbolic value and placement of the watch for something more relevant and create modern statement symbols instead of traditional status symbols.

By designing watches with stories that transcend style, trends and status we hope to highlight important issues of our time. We are aware that we are not saving the world by making watches, but we like to think of ourselves as norm challengers and innovators in an industry that needs transforming. It’s time for change. 

We work with innovative materials, organizations and ambassadors that care about making the world a little better. We call this Time for Change.Designed in our creative studio in Stockholm, our collection of watches is designed to last, start conversations and tell stories.❞

Humanium Metal by IM transforms weapons of destruction into commodities for peace. Humanium Metal is an intervention by the anti-racist and feminist change agent IM Swedish Development Partner, designed to make a tangible impact on ending the global crisis of gun violence.

In cooperation with local governments, illegal seized weapons, or voluntarily handed in weapons, are destroyed. IM converts that metal into high-quality stainless steel and then works with vetted companies to produce a wide range of commercial products from them. The profits are reinvested into civil society interventions in the country of origin dealing with a wide range of causes and impacts of gun violence.